Confront Life Is What It Is!

The condition of this world full of pleasure, a lot of options, full appearance, and many colors. All that mixed with anxiety and difficulty life. And, you are part of the world who are in distress.

You will never find a father, wife, friend, friends, shelter, or jobs to which there is not something difficult. In fact, sometimes even in every case there are something bad and you do not like. Therefore, quench the heat was bad in every respect with the coldness of kindness available to him. That is if you want to survive with just and wise. The reason, however every injury has its price.

Allah wants this world as a meeting place for two things opposites, two mutually opposite types, the two camps opposite each other, and two opposing opinions. Namely, the good with the bad, the good with the damage, happiness with sadness. And after that, Allah will gather all the well, it's splendor and happiness in heaven. As for the bad, the damage and sorrow will be collected in hell. "The world is accursed, and accursed all that is in it, except for dhikr of Allah and all that  related to it, an 'alim and a man of learning, "so hadiths said.
So, life is lived in accordance with the existing reality. Do not soluble in fantasy. And, do not ever wander into the nature of imagination. Face life for what it is; control your soul to be able accept and enjoy it! However, it is not possible all friends sincere to you and all things perfect in your eyes. Therefore, sincerity and perfection that characterize the nature of life and the world.
In fact, even your wife will never be perfect in your eyes. So, the word hadith, "Do not be a believer denouncing a mu'minah (his wife), because if he does not like one of his habit so he can receive another habit. "
 Is if we should close ranks, unite step, forgive and be reconciled, taking things easy we do, leave the things that make it difficult, closing the eyes of a few things for certain moments, straightening step, and rule out various things that interfere.
* Written in his book "Laa Tahzan" by Dr. 'Aidh al-Qarni


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